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Advances in Medical Tech

Covid-19 and its causative virus, SARS CoV-2, are at the moment the deadliest in the healthcare industry even looking at the numbers recorded and reported to have been lost to the pandemic but this be as it may, the advances we have so far seen in the medical industry have indeed given a ray of hope as these have enabled the combating the disease and the virus that causes it. The successes we have so far seen are all as a result of the various innovations we have seen so far. By and large, the innovations have so far led us to find and see such successes as in the masks that allow for lip reading, rapid testing and the far we have been to in so far as the search and finding of a vaccine goes for this disease and the virus causing it.

By and large, media doesn’t seem to be giving so much attention to medical imaging and this may be partly due to the fact that it has not been as good at helping catch the disease, Covid -19 in its early stages. But this be as it may, credit has to be given medical imaging for it has been so good at helping keep track of the progression of the disease. You can read more now on this post to learn more on how this has been as helpful in this regard.

Even though the pandemic has been the core focus of everyone and the world over, what we know is that the normal needs we have had as well continue to press us all the same anyway. And this is yet another area where we have seen great strides in so far as innovations in imaging goes. Here are some of the top technologies we have in the medical field that are making such headlines and as such for more, read more now.

The first one worth mentioning is that of the use of 3D Printers. We get to see this is even here you factor the bit that in so far as provision of healthcare goes, patient education is quite important. To discover more on how these have been as helpful, read more now.

By and large, another form of technology that we have had and seen in the gaming and entertainment world is that of augmented reality and it is one that is equally making headways in the healthcare industry and indeed promises so much going forward. In this post, we see more on augmented reality and the medical field and as such for more, read more now.

Over and above this, you may as well read more now to learn more on the POCUS, Point of Care Ultrasound, another of the amazing technologies shaping the profession and practice of medicine.

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